Colposcopy: Evaluation of the cervix or the vagina or vulva with microscope and acetic acid.
Cystoscopy: A procedure using a camera to look inside the bladder.
Drainage of abscesses
ECC: Endocervical curettage - dine during colposcopy along with cervical biopsy (often-not always).
EMB: Endometrial Biopsy - a procedure to sample the inner lining of the uterus.
Hysteroscopy: A procedure to look inside the cavity of the uterus with a camera.
LEEP: Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure - done on the cervix for the cervical dysplasia.
Mirena/Skyla insertion: IUD (intrauterine device) is placed inside of the uterus.
Mirena/Skyla removal: IUD is removed from the uterus.
Nexplanon insertion: A birth control device is placed under the skin of the upper arm.
Nexplanon removal: A small incision is made under sterile conditions to remove the device.
Pessary fitting: A plastic device is placed insdie the vagina to support a prolapse.
Removal of warts
Sonohysterogram: An ultrasound done while filling the uterus with saline. This is ordered to better evaluate the uterus for masses, bleeding, etc.
Ultrasound: Imaging of the ovaries and uterus both on the abdomen and/or through the vagina
Urodynamics: A procedure to evaluate bladder function and leakage.


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